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In addition to our expansive slate of Middle Tennessee artists, NBN is extremely proud to welcome so many amazing regional and national artists to this year's event. If you haven't checked them out already, we're making it easy for you. Damn, this is some good stuff. Try to stop listening to Dukes of Daville's "Steady Baby." Good luck. 

Dukes of Daville (ATL hip hop duo, recently signed to Capitol)
SONG: "Steady Baby"(Streaming Only)
"Now in their early twenties, this Atlanta based duo, collectively known as Dukes of Da Ville, have skillfully intertwined hip hop lyricism with the soulful harmonies of R&B. Musically, their infectious hooks make instant fans, while their lyrical delivery gains them the respect of the most skilled writers." 

"Dead Confederate is the first artist Gary Gersh signed to his new imprint The Artist's Organization (TAO) and was deemed one of Rolling Stone's '6 Artists To Watch' in their latest issue. After hitting the summer/festival touring circuit w/ Drive By Truckers, Dinosaur Jr. Black Lips among others, making an appearance at Bonnaroo, and opening for R.E.M. this past SXSW, Dead Confederate will be out on the road for the rest of the year." 

SONG: "Sea Level" (must login to download)
"Howlies (no 'the') formed in August 2007, after a group camping trip where all four members were attacked by wolves. Based upon basement recordings only, the band quickly secured the praise and producing duties of legendary producer Kim Fowley (The Runaways, The Modern Lovers, The Germs) for their debut album, Trippin' with Howlies. The album is scheduled for a Fall 2008 release on OverUnder Records (New York, NY), with the Sea Level single/EP, releasing in August 2008."

SONG: "CatSwallow
This Knoxville collective were a huge hit at this year's Bonnaroo and will be touring with the Black Keys this Fall (their debut, “We Breed Champions” was released this Spring on Key's Drummer Patrick Carney's Audio Eagle Label). Rolling Stone calls the Royal Bangs “our favorite new rock band.” So there. 

"Homer Hiccolm & the Rocketboys take their name from the unlikely success story of the West Virginia coal miner's son turned NASA engineer popularized by the film October Sky. That's fitting given the Abilene sextet found their way to ACL Fest as winners of the inaugural Sound and the Jury competition. Besting more than 600 other artists in the battle-of-the-bands contest, the group took Friday's opening slot on the Dell stage with calm composure before a crowd that climaxed at several hundred... The music's continual slow builds to soft, soaring crescendos was predictable yet executed with impressive precision that validated their addition to the festival lineup." Austin Chronicle 

"The Sons of Roswell got the call to perform Bonnaroo only a few days after their lead singer quit the band. In less than a week these guys were able to recruit a new lead vocalist / guitarist and write a whole new set of songs" Unbelievable. 
"Seventies rock, particularly of the "Southern" variety, has been a popular mining source for young rock bands in recent years, but most seem solely drawn to that period's arena rock bombast and shallow riffs, ignoring the fact that delicate, contemplative material was masterfully yarned by groups like The Band in the same era. Muscle Shoals four-piece Sons of Roswell seem drawn to both sides of the coin, indulging in tough bar-rock stomps, but staying just as gritty when they dial back their amps for the shuffling country-rocker "Losing My Mind." 
-The Tennessean

VOTED KNOXVILLE'S BEST BAND  by the 2008 Metro Pulse Readers Poll
"The Dirty Guv'nahs play rock the way God intended" (Metro Pulse, Knoxville, TN - 1/24/08) 
"Stones gone southern raucousness"  (Louisville Eccentric Observer, KY - 2/23/08) 

"Incredibly dark, sinister and unbelievably brilliant..." - Dayton City Paper
"An exercise in American Eclectic: gritty, dirty and damn good." - Independent Weekly
"Harnessing the bucking bronco of country punk and holding on for dear life." - Knoxville Metro Pulse
"Bridging the spirit of sweaty punk and old-school country, 500 Miles To Memphis is irresistible." - CiN Weekly

"Neva can compose and work her way around piano based indie-loungy ballads like a son of a gun. Her voice is both instantly recognizable and somehow unique. Fans of Nora Jones, Aimee Mann and Tori Amos will be pleased." – songs:Illinois
"Don't take our gushing words for it — listen to a couple songs off Neva Geoffrey's The Days Are Rolling at, and settle in for a lush journey into the heart and mind of this descriptive, eloquent siren." – LEO Weekly

"Branan avoids anachronism and shoots straight for timelessness...his sharp, simple lyrics recall the economical, almost scriptural poetry practiced by John Prine or, before him, Bob Dylan."- Nashville Rage
"Intense dynamics, deep humor, brave production and heavy songwriting: A new voice emerges to run with the greats." - Playboy 
"4 Out of 5 Stars." - Blender on "12 Songs"

"The Dexateens came blasting out of Tuscaloosa, AL in 2004 with a self-titled debut of Southern-accented garage-punk. Last year's RED DUST RISING skillfully channelled the brothers Allman and Flying Burrito. Produced by ex-Sugar David Barbe and Drive By Truckers' Patterson Hood, this contemplative follow-up is another welcome development. Naked Ground and Neil Armstrong evince a stronger melodic sensibility: the former rides a glorious twang'n'roll groove, the latter is a country-pop gem about astronautical tribulations. Nadine plumbs a stark well of acoustic despair, while Makers Mound is a controlled blaze of Skynyrd worship.”
Manish Agarwal, Mojo Magazine (4 stars)

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