Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Out the Other's Guide to Next Big Nashville 2008

So Next Big Nashville officially begins in just about three hours - with the premiere of Make-Out With Violence at the Belcourt - and what's that you say? You haven't figured out what you're going to see at the festival for the next four days? Well Out the Other is here to help.

Full disclosure here - I (Janet) have been contributing a bit here on the official NBN blog, but I also have my own local Nashville music blog. And for this year's festival I have compiled Out the Other's Guide to Next Big Nashville 2008 - which I hope will be a handy point of reference as you plan your show-hopping. In addition to mini-interviews with a handful of NBN bands, I've broken down Wednesday-Saturday of the festival night-by-night, showcase-by-showcase. You can check out each showcase lineup at a glance, read my recommendations for each night and even check out more than 150 mp3s by participating artists.

So what are you waiting for? Go plan your Next Big Nashville!


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